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Study In India

India can be the perfect destination for pursuing higher education to those who have dreams and aspirations for quality education. India has 343 numbers of universities and 17000 colleges that offer a wide spectrum of courses that are recognized globally. Beside it India is the first neighboring country of Bangladesh with lots of similarities in the life styles, culture, custom, dressings, foods, tradition etc. Communication and transportation facilities between Bangladesh and India are excellent and affordable. Students and their relatives can visit both the countries without any prior preparation.

South Asia, bordering Pakistan to the Northwest and Nepal, China, and Bangladesh to the Northeast. There are three major bodies of water on the three sides of the subcontinent: the Arabian Sea to the west, the Indian Ocean to the south, and the Bay of Bengal to the east.

India is home to lush jungles and pristine beaches, massive deserts and towering mountains. The country's incredibly varied climate caters to diverse tastes and many unique experiences. Southern India is mostly tropical and dry, with the exception of the torrential monsoon season, while Northern India is more temperate.

India is a country of contrasts where you can expect to meet both the very rich and the very poor. For the normal student, it is possible to live very cheaply in India. Rent, tuition fees, food and transport is extremely cheap compared to most countries in the world, but standards of living can vary dramatically even within cities.

Life in India revolves around the family, and tradition and values are highly respected. Expect to show respect and deference to people in authority or elders. Religion plays a big part in the daily life of most Indians, with Hinduism, Islam being the major religions.


The cost of accommodation in India varies depending on where you choose to study. There are two main types of accommodation available for the students while studying:

  • University accommodation – such as halls of residence
  • Private accommodation – House and flat rentals

Accommodation costs in India are generally much more expensive in the major cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. Other cities are comparatively cheaper to live in.

There are several reasons to choose India as the destination of higher educations. A few of these can be described as follows:

  • Internationally recognized Degrees
  • India is a neighboring country of Bangladesh
  • Bangladesh & India are Located in the same geographic area
  • Language, culture and customs is almost same
  • Food and weather is nearly same
  • Good, quicker & cheaper communication facilities
  • No session break in the educational system
  • Cost of education is in the range of every people
  • Quality institutions & reach faculty
  • Third largest education industry in the world
  • International exposure
  • Focusing on practical and knowledge based education
  • World hub for business, research and scientific analysis
  • Varity of subjects and wide range of programs
  • Friendly environment to adjust


Comparison of Educational cost

Country Expected tuition per year Living costs per year


$ 16,000-36,000

$ 15,000-20,000


£ 8,000-35,000

£ 7,200-10,000


$ 5,000-30,000

$ 10,000-20,000


AU$ 15,000-30,000

AU$ 20,000


US $ 1,000-10,000

US$ 1,500

Eligibility criteria differs form Institution to Institution. Student must comply with the admission requirements of the specific institution that they want to study in. Anyway, Bangladeshi students may apply to study in India if they have..
60% marks in SSC to apply for DIPLOMA Programs 
50-80% marks in HSC to apply for Undergraduate Programs
50-80% marks in Bachelors to apply for Post Graduate Programs
50-80% marks in Masters to apply for M.Phil or PhD Programs

DIPLOMA PROGRAMS = 3 years full time
BACHELOR PROGRAMS = 3-5 years full time
MASTERS PROGRAMS = 2-3 years full time
M.PHIL PROGRAMS = 1 year full time
PhD PROGRAMS = 3 years full time


There are two admission intakes in the Indian educational institutes. These are: FEBRUARY & SEPTEMBER of each year. 


Admission procedures slightly varies from one to anther. Therefore, please contact StudyWay International to learn about it more clearly.